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Project 1 – Kitchen needs

390,000 meals have been served from this kitchen at Ubunye Educare Centre. That's right - you read correctly! The team at Ubunye Educare Centre, in Dunoon, have produced more than 390,000 for the children. Unfortunately, kitchen appliances do not always last the time span that we wish they could. We are looking for a new large freezer for the kitchen.

This Is The Future

Ubunye is a registered non-profit organisation with a prime focus on Foundation Education, Feeding Schemes & Community Enrichment. In an interview with Karin Telo, Executive Director, she explains how individuals or Corporate Organisations can get involved with Ubunye Community Projects.

Growing Vegetables the green way

This project will teach children to not only grow vegetables for use at the school, but how to use recycled items as the planters and drip feeders. We are looking for wood, screw & wood sealer for the raised stands, as well as a handy man (or 2) who can build the stands for us.