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Ubunye Educare Centre Project

Ubunye Educare Centre, a non-fee paying grade R education centre, is our prime project, and we are always looking for assistance in improving the lives of our educators and children. The school is once again full to capacity and has a waiting list with parents asking for the expansion of the school to higher grades as well as they do not want to leave. There is however no space in Dunoon close to us and we are doing investigation into acquiring land either in a nearby area of Dunoon or across the highway in Wolverrevier. All Company, private and Government donors who ...

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Project 1 – Kitchen needs

390,000 meals have been served from this kitchen at Ubunye Educare Centre. That's right - you read correctly! The team at Ubunye Educare Centre, in Dunoon, have produced more than 390,000 for the children. Unfortunately, kitchen appliances do not always last the time span that we wish they could. We are looking for a new large freezer for the kitchen.

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