How it all began

Ubunye Educare Centre was officially registered in 2005 by a group of Women in Business from Cape Town.


They registered the NPO in order to build a school in the impoverished township of Dunoon, Cape Town. The school focuses on grade R - foundational education of previously disadvantaged children.

The school was built early in 2007, accommodating the first 90 learners in three classrooms which were officially opened on the 19th September 2007 by the deputy head of Education in the Western Cape, Cameron Dugmore who supported our initiative. In 2008 the first grade R learners were taught by two qualified teachers and a teaching assistant who went on to qualify with the financial assistance of Ubunye.

Since then another classroom with 30 more learners has been added and two fully qualified teachers added to staff compliment. There are now 145 learners and a further waiting list of 40 learners who cannot be accommodated at present.

Our Next Steps

We have primarily been focused on the establishment and development of the Ubunye Educare Centre (which opened in 2007) situated in Dunnoon, Cape Town.

Based on the success that has been achieved, with the continued assistance from our donors, sponsors and volunteers, the Ubunye Team now has a vision to expand our activities - which are the “Ubunye Community Projects”.

Our focus will be in three key areas, namely:
  • Foundation Education
  • Feeding
  • Community Enrichment
Get Involved

To ensure long term sustainability, we will however be dependent on continued support. You can make a difference and get involved in many ways:

  • Volunteer
  • Sponsors
  • Fund Raisers
  • Donations

Legal Entity

Expectra 435 (Association incorporated under section 21) is a non-profit organization. Reg no2002/001203/08, trading as Ubunye / Ubunye Educare Centre.